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IDAppSummaryStatusUpdated #
0000260Wallpaper ChangerImages not visible when viewing albumnew2020-07-07 
0000259Calendar WidgetRemote iCal failnew2020-07-03 
0000258Vibration NotifierVibration Notifier wont work in "vibrate only/mute" profilenew2020-07-02 
0000257Notification ToggleScreen timeout keep screen on option is not workingnew2020-07-01 
0000256Wallpaper ChangerIt did not auto scan new photo at the album folder at Samsung s20+ devicenew2020-07-01 
0000255Wallpaper ChangerSwitching albums resets to first imageconfirmed2020-06-301
0000254Wallpaper ChangerDoesn't Function in DeX Mode Anymorenew2020-06-301
0000253Wallpaper ChangerLockscreen problemnew2020-06-301
0000251Wallpaper ChangerAutomatic change of wallpaper is not happeningnew2020-06-141
0000250Calendar WidgetMulti day events keep appearingnew2020-06-06 
0000249Wallpaper ChangerWallpaper is zoomed out and is not fitted in the screennew2020-06-06 
0000248Wallpaper Changerwallpaper color difference erent from originnew2020-06-04 
0000245Wallpaper ChangerScreen flickers on Xiaomi Mi A3 Android onenew2020-05-29 
0000242Wallpaper ChangerOpen Current Image shortcut behavior varies with file namenew2020-04-29 
0000241Wallpaper ChangerCached wallpapers in device memorynew2020-04-24 
0000239Notification ToggleIcon does not change to black when background is whitenew2020-04-02 
0000238Wallpaper ChangerImage Size Launcher cuts off half the imagenew2020-03-292
0000237Notification ToggleAlarm time incorrectfeedback2020-06-121
0000235Calendar WidgetWidget is reporting events with DST applied next week, but i am in zone with no DSTnew2020-03-05 
0000231Wallpaper ChangerWallpaper off center after new Android 10 updatenew2020-03-202
0000230Calendar WidgetKalender zeigt gelöschte Termine einer Terminserie weiter anacknowledged2020-03-191
0000229Lucid DaydreamWeather functionality not working in lucid daydream screen savernew2020-04-162
0000218Calendar WidgetMulti-day events don't wrap around New Yearnew2020-01-02 
0000211Wallpaper ChangerWallpaper zooms when changing while in landscapeconfirmed2020-01-232
0000186Lucid DaydreamTime not updated after the screensaver is started under Android 10feedback2020-02-296
0000161Wallpaper ChangerHave to re-enable live wallpaper for Wallpaper Changer regularlynew2020-05-128
0000136Lucid DaydreamClock screensaver, and Clock displays outside of screen S8 Pieacknowledged2019-04-28 
0000093Wallpaper ChangerStatus barconfirmed2020-04-153
0000056Wallpaper Changer.webp files not detected during auto-scanacknowledged2018-04-11 


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